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Added Sunday 16-11-2008By estebyan
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Welcome to estebyans website

Our website allows you to create your questionnaires, examine their results ‎immediately, and update them easily .‎

This website comes in two versions Arabic and English, to make sure that many people ‎can take the advantage of this facility. ‎

Our website also allows hosting the questionnaires from other website where results can ‎be shown and collected there.‎ ‏


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This reply added Monday 24-10-20111By mostafa gohar

Thank you please Iwant your help to design Questionnaire to detect general health complaint such as fatige-headache -irritability- numbness- weakness-anesthesia-abnormal movements-ect----for office workers who use ergonomically standard office aganist who have various difficulties(of horror) and for manual labors who are dealing with physically hard manual work such aslifting heavy objects-drilling and using vibrators and other strenuous work