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Title: Dhofar-Oman
Question 1: How many times you have been to Dhofar?
 one time
 2-5 times
 more than 5 times
Question 2: What do you think about the tourism constituent in Dhofar?
Question 3: What is your purpose of visiting Dhofar? (physical motivators, cultural, inter-personal, status & prestige)
 physical motivators
 cultural motivators
 inter-personal motivators
Question 4: What is your assessment of the accessibility to Dhofar?
 very good
Question 5: What do you think about events and entertainment in Dhofar?
 need more
Question 6: What attracts you more to visit Dhofar?
 Natural Attractions
 man-made attractions
 cultural attractions
Question 7: Do you think Dhofar needs more marketing & promotion as a destination?
Question 8: What do you think about accommodation cost during Khareef?
Question 9: Do you think that tourist amenities are available in all states of Dhofar?
Question 10: What kind of transportation do you prefer to visit Dhofar?
Question 11: What more activities and facilities can be provided in Dhofar?
Question 12: What did you like the most in Dhofar?
Question 13: Was there something you didn't like in Dhofar? Please Explain
Question 14: What do you think the tourism opportunity and challenges in Dhofar?
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