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Title: Raheed_Bride
Questionnaire designed in order to develop a Raheed Bride website that sell dresses , Please answer the following questions:
Question 1: How old are you ?
 More than 30
Question 2: How many times do you buy a dress per year ?
 Once per year
 Twice per year
 3times per year
 More than 3times per year
 It is depends on number of event and their importance
Question 3: What are your priorities when buying dress ? (you can choose more than one choice)
 Trade mark
 uniqueness & Individually
Question 4: Is the item description in the site have clear measurements ?
 Yes , it's clear
 Sometimes clear and sometime unclear
 No , it's not clear
Question 5: Is your order comes as you saw the picture Offered in the website ?
 Yes, it come as I saw
 Looks like a picture , but not similar
 A completely different
Question 6: Is means of communication with those who manage the site and who are responsible for orders are clear and easy ?
 Yes , it's clear and easy
 Sometimes clear and sometimes unclear
 No , It's difficult and unclear
Question 7: You buy a dress every .....
 Every month to four months
 Every five months to eight months
 Every nine months to twelve months
 It is depends on number of event and their importance
Question 8: Do you prefer the payment on delivery ?
 Yes, better
 I do not care
Question 9: What is your favorite payment method ?
 credit cards
 cash on delivery
 bank transfer
 prepaid cards
Question 10: Do you think to increase the quality of the sites that the site includes more than one language or only English language or the language of the country of the site, and why ?
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