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Posted by: Latifah_91
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Title: E-Consumer Awareness
Question 1: Age
Question 2: Which attitude do you have towards using online stores to purchase goods/services?
 Necessary, it has changed our lives
 It is a good alternative
 No opinion
 Negative or bad experience
Question 3: how often do you use online shopping ?
 once yearly
Question 4: It is important to you if website that you are shopping at is licensed or trusted by e-commerce company E.g mothoq
 Very important
 have no idea if there an e-commerce license or trusted website
 strong website doesn't need to be trusted
 not important
Question 5: If you have purchased/ would purchase online , how important is the security of the website ?
 Very important
 it is okay if i heard about a positive experience
 not important
Question 6: If you have purchased/ would purchase online , how important is the payment method ?
 follow the website method
 credit card/ visa
 cash on delivery
Question 7: if you know about a website that collect all the trusted online stores, do you prefer to go through it rather than the others ?
Question 8: If you do not purchase goods/services online or avoid some websites why ? (choose as many as applicable)
 It is difficult to shop
 Do not trust online shopping
 Lack of knowledge on online shopping
 prefer seeing the product before the purchase
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