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Title: International Students Survey
Hello, I am a student at ESU, studying Master in Instructional Technology, I would appreciate your taking the time to complete the following survey. This will help me make organizing the international day event At ESU as a part of my internship during the fall of 2014. Your responses are voluntary and will be confidential. It should take about five to ten minutes of your time. Thank you, Ghazi Alsharif ghalsharif@hotmail.com
Question 1: How old are you?
 Over 30
Question 2: What is your gender?
Question 3: What is your country of origin?
Question 4: What qualification are you studying for
 Bachelor\'s degree
 Master\'s degree
 Exchange Student Program
 Others: please explain
Question 5: What is your main field of study?
 Health Studies
 Biological Sciences
 Business Management
 Political Science
 Exercise Science
 Computer Science
 Digital Media Technologies (formerly MCOM)
 Others: please explain
Question 6: What is the length of your course of study?
 Less than 6 months
 Between 6 to 12 months
 1 - 2 years
 3 - 4 years
 More than 4 years
Question 7: I would now like to ask you questions about the type of social and leisure activities you have participated in since arriving in East Stroudsburg University In the last 12 months, have you participated in/attended any of the following:
 Free event in the city
 Local community event
 Religious event
 Sports match (e.g. AFL/Cricket/Soccer/Rugby/Tennis)
 University club event
 Volunteer activity or event
 Other community event (please specify)
Question 8: In the last 12 months, have you had any opportunity:
 Meet other international students
 Meet American (local) students
 Meet an American family
 Experience American culture
 None of the above
Question 9: Are you interesting to participate in the international day event to share your culture with the ESU community at the beginning of December, 2014
Question 10: Have had any opportunity to attend an international day at ESU:
Question 11: Do you feel there are enough international programs and events on campus so that you can learn about the culture, background, and customs of international students on campus?
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