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Welcome to our questionnaire website.ı

ş Our website allows you to create your questionnaires, examine their results ıimmediately, and update them easily .ı

This website comes in two versions Arabic and English, to make sure that many people ıcan take the advantage of this facility. ı

Our website also allows hosting the questionnaires from other website where results can ıbe shown and collected there.ı ş

ş We are attempting to provide linguistic scrutiny (in Arabic particularly). Also, we are palnning to provide other services like researchers support and forming online focus groups.ı

This website is to help researchers in all study fields in order to ease collecting of ıinformation among recipients and also to help finding and generalizing results among Internet usersş

In addition, you can customize your questionnaire through control panel which enable ıyou to add, edit , delete and reorder questions anytime.

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